Arras Theme Version 1.6

Arras 1.6

Arras 1.6 will bring the theme into compliance with WP 3.9.1 theme standards, fixing more than 25 bugs and other theme compliance issues. While you won’t see most of these changes on the front end, they will ensure that Arras will provide a stable and error-free experience and play well with an even wider range of plug-ins.

Arras 1.6 uses HTML5 doctype, making all the latest semantic markup available to Arras users. (Depending on your geekness quotient, you may or may not notice this.)

Additionally, Arras 1.6 will include a few changes you will notice:

  • Combine all Arras options onto a single options page in the WordPress admin.
  • Add new customization options in the header, including:
    • Custom header background colors,
    • Theme compatibility with WordPress’s built-in header customization will replace the old Arras Logo feature for more flexibility,
    • A new widget area in the header will replace the search bar.
  • Add “Previous” and “Next” links to single posts display.

If you’re using the theme with your own modifications, please use a child theme to avoid losing your customizations.

(Photo by Olibac, by permission Creative Commons.)